martedì, marzo 16, 2010

Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #40 page 3

Third work. This was the second story in the issue Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #40. A really nice short story (11 pages) by Joe Caramagna; I really loved to draw the Ben and Johnny duo.

I worked on this in July 2008 and was published in November 2008.

This is page 3 (inks by Christian Dalla Vecchia)

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martedì, marzo 09, 2010

Marvel Adventures: Super Heroes #6 page 1

This is the second Marvel comic book I worked on. Lots of ants (but hey, it's ANT-man) and a really funny story by Fred Van Lente.

I worked on this in June 2008.
Book published in February 2009 ©Marvel.

Page 1 pencil and inked verions (inks by Christian Dalla Vecchia).

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