domenica, aprile 29, 2012

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #17

Sinister Six's time! I'm not very happy with the result of this issue but I had to rush it a bit. Maybe it's cause I really don't like drawing doctor octopus...

sabato, aprile 28, 2012

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #16

Another memorable issue, starring Doc Stange!! I gave him my father's hair and mustaches! :) I really digged drawing all his magical effects and those demons-like creatures.

venerdì, aprile 27, 2012

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #14

Mysterio!! Great character! :) I wanted him to be pretty tough phisically so there would be a better contast compared to spider-man's small frame. Indeed this was an amazingly funny issue to draw with all his illusions, but I guess it's not easy to understand without the text all the changes happening from one panel to the next caused by mysterio's allucinations.

giovedì, aprile 26, 2012

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #12

This issue sets the end of the Torino's family with the arrest of the old godfather using a clever and bold strategy. It was really a lovely written book from Paul Tobin.
Looking back at old pages is always a pain cause I see all the mistakes/horrors I did and I stupidly left there. I do hope that seeing errors means I'm a bit better now...

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