martedì, maggio 24, 2011

Ok, since my girlfriend threatened me of death if I don't start self promoting me and my work a bit, I'm going to advertise whenever a book I drew is going to be published or something like that.

So, tomorrow is going to on sale the latest book which I penciled... TADAAAAAAAANNN:


So if you happen to get a copy I'd love to hear if you liked it or not.

giovedì, maggio 05, 2011

Halo Reach Propaganda Poster

2 days ago I finally had some time to finish this game (Halo: Reach) and I really liked it soooo much even if it's so damn sad!!!!!! Also last month I was asked to make a piece for an art showcase (themed on sci-fi games) and so... 2 birds with a stone...
I'm very happy to have finally made a fan-art about a game I liked.
It's inspired by a russian propaganda poster but I wanted to use more vivid colors.

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