domenica, dicembre 18, 2011


Hey! I just re-arranged my blog to give it a fresh look.

I added a poll on the left (for my 2-3 readers) so please vote what you'd prefer to see on this blog. If you want something not listed please write it in the comments here.

Also I finally understood what was wrong in the blog. First of all the model I choose on blogger layouts didn't allow to enlarge pictures, big problem. Then also each time I shared an Instagram picture via email it glitched the whole blog (sidebars and posts) cause the html in the email Instagram sends to share is poorly written and it lacks at the end of the code. Shame on you, Instagram!

To avoid a "just-text-kind-of-post" here's something for you:

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"White queen of Red couch"

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giovedì, ottobre 20, 2011

Drive I was watching Drive (GREAT movie) yesterday and I was in the mood for sketching and I had some spare time out of my schedule so I started doodling and I enjoyed it so much!

martedì, agosto 30, 2011

Back from France and Checklist update.

Hey everyone! I'm back from my awesome trip to France (Bretagne, Normandy and Paris) and I'm all thrilled to start drawing again after these 2 weeks of "not-even-touched-a-pencil" (so I'm expecting a lot of rust in my first sketches).

Since my last entry I've worked on these books:



MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #18 (pages 12-20) (to be published end of sept)

Sorry for not having wrote anything about these books but I'm still struggling with self promotion problems.

Also HERE---> you can find a chronological checklist of my previously published books in case you're interested and HERE---> there's a list (but with some mistakes) with previews pages.

martedì, maggio 24, 2011

Ok, since my girlfriend threatened me of death if I don't start self promoting me and my work a bit, I'm going to advertise whenever a book I drew is going to be published or something like that.

So, tomorrow is going to on sale the latest book which I penciled... TADAAAAAAAANNN:


So if you happen to get a copy I'd love to hear if you liked it or not.

giovedì, maggio 05, 2011

Halo Reach Propaganda Poster

2 days ago I finally had some time to finish this game (Halo: Reach) and I really liked it soooo much even if it's so damn sad!!!!!! Also last month I was asked to make a piece for an art showcase (themed on sci-fi games) and so... 2 birds with a stone...
I'm very happy to have finally made a fan-art about a game I liked.
It's inspired by a russian propaganda poster but I wanted to use more vivid colors.

giovedì, aprile 28, 2011

Updates soon!

I beg your pardon for my lack of updates but I was very busy with spider-man issues. I'll be back soon!

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