lunedì, ottobre 15, 2012


I'm not the best PR of myself. To be true I really really suck at this. I know.
I really should do something about it, it's really embarrassing to announce comics I worked on weeks or months after they've been published or not even writing anything at all (last 10 pages on Deadpool #62 being an example), but not this time!!!


I'm VERY proud to announce that I'm working on a new Deadpool miniseries called DEADPOOL KILLUSTRATED written by the awesome Cullen Bunn, edited by the fantastic Jordan White.
Let me just say it's so fun to work on a story like this that I feel so lucky, privileged and happy I can't wait to finish to write this and get back to work.

Anyway, here's the cover of the first book (the cover art by Mike del Mundo is AMAZING!!) 

and here are some link to announcements/interviews:

I doubt it but I hope to have spare time to post something soon!

mercoledì, ottobre 10, 2012

002. Emma Frost

I drew Emma Frost and I forgot to post it. I'll do it now.
ps. I suck at maintaining a "draw every day" thing. Damn.

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