martedì, aprile 24, 2012

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #09

This was the second book in which I had to draw wolverine tag teaming with spider-man. I had a lot of fun mostly when he's not in costume cause I really dig Logan.
Also about costumes, Spidey in the first pages of this issue sports a new outfit that my editor Nate Cosby and writer Paul Tobin asked me to design. I had to make it completely different from the spidey one (while still making him recognizable as spidey) since he also changed his name to AGENT 9! I totally LOVED trying this costume design even though now I'm not truly satisfied with it. :)
Here's some pages and the design for the costume.

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Mauro Padovani ha detto...

Molto belle!

Matteo Lolli ha detto...

Grazie Mille! :)

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