giovedì, maggio 05, 2011

Halo Reach Propaganda Poster

2 days ago I finally had some time to finish this game (Halo: Reach) and I really liked it soooo much even if it's so damn sad!!!!!! Also last month I was asked to make a piece for an art showcase (themed on sci-fi games) and so... 2 birds with a stone...
I'm very happy to have finally made a fan-art about a game I liked.
It's inspired by a russian propaganda poster but I wanted to use more vivid colors.

2 commenti:

Wes ha detto...

This is really great. How do I get a large enough image to print a poster size?

Better yet could you create one on Cafe Press and sell it?

Matteo ha detto...

Hi Wes and thank you so much for your appreciation. I'll prepare it for next week on Cafe Press and DeviantArt so you can choose! :)

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